Are copper pans over 3.5mm thick overkill?

Jirachi | Mar 22, 202001:44 PM     71

Good afternoon chowhound, I am always on the lookout for vintage, tin lined, French copper pots and pans 3mm thick and thicker. I am familiar with the sort of classic opinion of 3.175mm (1/8") as the optimal thickness for copper foil. I have heard people say over and over "the thicker the better", but I have always heard that advice given in the context of people looking at copper pieces in the 1mm-2.8mm range. So yes, obviously in that case people tell them to get "as thick as possible/you can afford". But how literal is that? Because in some cases yes, it IS POSSIBLE to get true behemoths of 4mm copper foil or even THICKER! I've heard of retinning experts being brought 6mm thick roasting pans for restoration!

I have never met a thick copper pan I didn't like. Then again, the thickest copper pot I've got is 3.5mm. At some point the weight is too much, like 20 pounds for a 28cm saute. And the prices can obviously be exorbitant (even before any retinning, etc.). If you had NO other copper pieces and you came across a monster saute pan 28cm in diameter and 5mm thick in your budget (dream on), sure it is obviously of the highest quality you will ever encounter, but are there things you’d prefer? Is the same saute pan in 3mm-3.175mm-3.5mm copper actually even functionally "better” on a hob for the shape in some ways because of greater responsiveness, being able to -lift it- by its one handle, still has very even heating, etc. I understand if you were a collector your mouth would be watering regardless, but I am talking in your dream pared down cookware set. Between cooking with a 4mm copper pan next to a 3.175mm copper pan, is the thicker that much more of a dream? Because 3mm vs 2.175mm is obviously night and day, and I gotta say my 3.5mm saucepan is just wow….. damn that’s a nice pan. Hard to believe more thickness would improve it noticeably, other than make it heavier. It goes without saying every person and every kitchen has different needs. Just looking for some opinions and to hear from some people in the heavy duty copper cult!!

Best wishes

P.S. Before anyone points me to it, I have read the copper cookware thickness thread here which I’d recommend to anyone for lots of great information. You can find it here: https://www.chowhound.com/post/copper...) and I am not trying to just start a copycat thread. This thread is specifically concerning extra-thick pieces 3.5mm and thicker, which in my opinion is something not particularly addressed in that thread. Thank you everyone

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