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articshark | Mar 3, 201505:01 AM

So I want to add to my cookware collection. I still need a 2-3 qt saute pan with lid and a 1 qt or so saucepan. I want to acquire some copper. However, I've been hesitant about buying copper because I'm scared. lol

I'm not sure which lining melts at what temperature. Sure I can google it. But real life experience sometimes if different from listed maximums and minimums by manufacturers. I love the look of tin. But I'm worried about melting it. So looked into the stainless steel lining, but it seems like you lose a lot of the good qualities of copper when lined with stainless. Might as well just go straight for stainless.

And yes, I know there are a lot of threads on various copper equipment. But most of them seems to deal with brand names. Or what millimeter in thickness to get for the cost to be offset by performance. I read them through. Which is why I am so hesitant to pull the trigger. Because now I'm thoroughly confused and need HELP! And please forgive me if this has been discussed before. But I've read through so many threads that didn't precisely answer lining questions, or maybe I just missed it.

I would love the Rameria silver lined stuff. But again, not sure of melt temps and getting it fixed if I did destroy the lining. Plus, the cost is incredibly prohibitive. Maybe if I ever get back to Tuscany... . So at this point, silver lined isn't one of the options I can justify.

Is tin lined copper the best to get? Does the stainless features offset getting tin? Am I over thinking the heat differences in tin vs. stainless? Are there other linings that I'm not aware of that are more forgiving? If I mess up the tin, can I re-melt it and swirl it around and have it be okay until I can get the pan to a tinsmith? And so many more questions about copper.

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