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Cool summer fruit desserts (not ice cream); elderflower syrup


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Cool summer fruit desserts (not ice cream); elderflower syrup

Sir Gawain | Jul 9, 2004 01:52 PM

It's not that I don't have ideas: I know there are fruit soups, fools, summer puddings, syllabubs, and other things. I even have recipes. But it's always priceless to get PERSONAL recommendations for tried-and-true favorite desserts.

I'm pretty lazy so what I've been making lately is this ultra-simple chilled strawberry soup: A pint of strawberries cleaned and hulled, then massacred with a stick blender. Add one 2% Total yogurt. Sweeten to taste, chill overnight. It tastes GREAT in the morning.

What do you make with all this fruit that doesn't need baking???

I'm also trying to think of creative ways to use elderflower syrup from D'Arbo. It makes my favorite summer drink: Put a spoonful in a highball glass, fill with sparkling water, add a lemon slice. It's the essence of summer. But what else can I do with it?

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