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What is "Cool?"


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What is "Cool?"

Like-Go-Eat? | Feb 22, 2006 03:35 PM

Just thinking about the words we sometimes use more than any other – I, Me, My... Sometimes we like talking about ourselves as if we are the standard that all others should aspire to be. Anyway, here is a true short story about one of my first “going out to eat” adventures. This is about ME and the definition of “cool.” Sometimes to understand the true meaning of a word you need to be able to identify what the word does not mean. Cool is to fast food what Good Ambiance is to a classy Restaurant. Driving is Cool. Remember when you turned 16 and first got your driver’s license? You know, "Get your motor runnin' Head out on the highway. Lookin' for adventure...". Driving with the Radio ON is even More Cool."Drive-ins" like Bob's Big Boy, Stan's, A&W, Tiny Naylor's, Mel's, Fat Burger and McDonalds were just that – "Drive in," then turn your motor and radio OFF. That's not "Driving." That's Not Cool. Then came the "Drive-Thrus" like In-n-Out here in So. Cal. Imagine coming home from the Irwindale drag races and being able to make a pit stop for a Burger, Fries and Coke at a "Drive-thru" with "Two Lanes" just like at the drags. Keep your Motors runnin, rev'em up a little and turn the radios UP. Order a Double-Double with “Animal Sauce.” This was Beyond Cool! This was like, Far Out! To a Teenager in Southern California it became a Rite of Passage to get your drivers license, a car, a date and then drive through In-n-Out. All those other people in the second Drive-Thru lane checking out your car and your date – life is good! My first time I placed my order at the speaker and then my car ran out of gas. My date had to take the wheel as I pushed my car thru – one-car-at-a-time. Everyone in the other lane was laughing their ass off . Waaaaaay UnCool!

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