cookware for tomato sauce and other acidic foods?

bauerbach | Sep 10, 201007:54 PM     48

To start, I try to conserve money and cabinet space by choosing multifunctional cookware...

But, I love tomato sauce. It may not be super fancy, but I love making tomato sauce, it has so much freedom to try this and that, its a bit of a religion for me.

oddly enough, I prepare my sauce in an OLD warped sauce pot, I want to say its steel, but Im not even certain of that. it heats very unevenly and its time to replace.

I realize this is a bit excessive, but work with me...

thought of a cast iron dutch oven, but Im told it can diminish the seasoning and give it a metallic flavor. I read this of any metal, aluminum, steel, stainless, copper... iron supplement to my diet aside, I'll take my sauce metal free and keep with my flinstone chewables.

perhaps an enamel cast iron, or enamel ceramic?

I saw a glass/ceramic pyrex dutch oven labeled as good for acidic sauces.

penny for your thoughts? thank you in advance.

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