Most used cookware? Any surprises?

BouquiGarnet | Jan 11, 201512:33 PM     45

What are the items you use the most? Is there anything you didn't expect to use much, but find yourself reaching for a lot?

Anything you thought you'd use a lot but don't?

For me -

Most used:
- LC 3.5 quart braiser - that thing is so versatile and useful. I didn't think it would be as useful as it is
- Vitamix - it was a wedding present and I wasn't sure I really needed such a high-end item but I use it ALL the time, for way more than smoothies (what I used to use a blender for)
- AC 3-quart saucier - love the shape and size. I use it more than my saucepans.
- LC 4.5 quart chef's oven/soup pot - I love the curved bottom. It lives on my stove lately.
- AC 4 quart saute/simmer pan - again, really versatile.

I realized reviewing this list I really like cookware with curved bottoms.

Surprisingly under-used:

- Staub 12-inch fry pan. Not sure why, I just don't find myself reaching for it much. Something else always seems better suited.

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