Cookware Size for Electric Range


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Cookware Size for Electric Range

kobes18 | Oct 19, 2012 08:24 PM

Hello all,

I am moving out on my own (finally!) and the apartment I am renting has an electric (coil) range - I was planning on buying Tramontina stainless steel cookware from Walmart, but I'm not sure about what size to get. Everything I have read here suggests getting larger saute pans, but as someone who has literally never used an electric stove, I am wondering how well the larger (12") pan would work? The coils seem very small to be able to distribute heat to the entire pan.

I was looking at this set, which has 8 inch and 10 inch saute pans. I cannot really afford the bigger 10 piece set with the 12 inch pan (, but I could always just buy the pan by itself and fill in with other pieces.

I would appreciate any advice I can get. My cooking ability extremely limited, but I would like to learn, and choosing the right cookware will help me start.

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