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ashbea | Jun 19, 202009:46 AM     57

Hi, I'm an amateur, but looking for high-quality cookware that will last forever even with a lot of use! We cook almost every night in the same two frying pans (10in & 12in)- simple things (like a protein & veggie or a weeknight quick one-pan meal like coconut curry, then blanquette de veau for the weekends), but they take a beating. And then we throw them in the dishwasher to start all over the next day. Right now we just have the Zwilling Spirit 3ply, but it's non-stick stopped working almost immediately and they definitely need to be replaced! Our set is really limited too, we don't even have a saute pan currently.

I've been in the threads and have seen a lot of great reviews on the Lagostina Accademia, Paderno GG, Fissler, and Demeyer. Would these brands be overkill for me? Should I also consider Scanpan, Cuisinart French 3 ply and others from this range?

We're just looking for the basics:
-2 Frying pans (would you do one small nonstick for eggs, then one regular?)
-Saute pan (do you guys think one or two?)
-3 sauce pans

I would love to splurge on the pans we use most often and dial it back a bit price-wise on sauce pans (don't want to raise too many eyebrows asking for super expensive cookware, but then again, we did register for a Thermomix haha). Which brands are best for each category?

Oh also, we're currently in rental with an electric cooktop (smooth, not coil), but who knows where we will go next (hopefully it will have gas!).

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