Cookware 233

Cookware you're obsessed with...

nikkib99 | Apr 13, 2015 06:08 PM

I bet some are like me who have a strange obsession with cookware or certain types of it.
Looking through your collection, what types of cookware are you unabashedly obsessed?

Whilst I have a few mixing cups and spoons - quite a few sets - nothing gives me the giggles than bowls. LOL

I know it's crazy, but I have this strange love for bowls - especially mixing bowls.

I have the 8-set pyrex, 10-set duralex, stainless steel, deep glass bowls, and my latest find has been Mason Cash bowls. Last year, Zulily and Rue La La had them on sale for a steal.

I could look at a picture of a baking scene, crop out the bowls used and get on the hunt for them.

What item do you love?

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