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Libranflight | Jan 23, 201902:23 PM     20

I have not really been able to cook much for a while, I was working so many hours, but I have noticed when I do cook, that there are a lot of pieces I do not touch.

My LC skillet is covered in dust, brand new, and I have also not touched my two Zwilling Sensation frypans. I admire the Zwilling Sensation pans though, I think they are nice, but again, I have not even used them.

My favorite egg pan? The Rudolph Stanish Omelet Pan. Easy over eggs slide around like skates on ice, better than nonstick! Love that pan. Dedicated egg pan.

I also do not use carbon steel enough to maintain the finish, although keeping the AUSION in a cloth bag protects it very well. AUSION pieces are so wonderful for deep frying, these are the only pieces I use for deep frying, because they work so well and only get improved, no polymerized oil to clean off.

I have deep fried in SS and had a big polymerized mess to clean up after, nice to have pans that love the hot oil.

I think the most pans I have that I do not use are fry pans.

I believe I tried to keep some induction capable pans because I have a VMP, but I only use it to boil water faster, to free up a hob. A lot of my induction capable pieces are not utilized. I prefer gas.

Ironically, my thick aluminum, rivetless, notstick coated windsor deep fry pan is used mostly for popcorn, and only needs a wipe out, what a nice pot! You can burn sugar in it and wipe it out with a paper towel. Very nice for kettle corn. I would use it for big quantities of boiling oil if needed, or sauce, since that is what it is made for, but I do not regret that pan at all. Thick aluminum performs very well.

I like Scanpan a lot for sticky things, like tocino.

I still use my cheap wok from London Wok, so thin it goes out of round every time, and I can re-form it with bare hands. A great wok, nonetheless.

I think I need to downsize some of my frypans.

Unused things get in the way of getting to things you do use.

I get separation anxiety with parting with kitchen stuff, very annoying.

Anybody got a "Zwilling Sensation frypan story" they care to share? Love it or hate it?

Who here really does love stainless steel cookware? I think for specialized things, I have preferred copper, nonstick, carbon steel and aluminum for some reason.

I wish I could figure out the bare minimum to keep, but enough that I do not have regrets. I worry about regretting letting go of things, but feel I won't miss my LC skillet.

Anybody else struggle with this?

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