Cookware for Minimalists 2019 Down Under

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I have been lurking for a little while and having quite the internal conflict on what cookware to leap on. I would like to have a minimal amount of pots and pans and hopefully be able to utilise them for various tasks.

What I would normally cook:
- Sear steak, chicken or fish
- Pasta with various sauces from pesto, carbonara, ragu to simple bolognese
- Risotto
- The odd stir fry here and there
- I also occasionally make soup or stews such as Gulyas

I will be cooking on an induction stove.

At the moment I have been using a non-stick french skillet with highish sides to cook most pasta sauces as well as sear steak and chicken etc, also to make stirfrys and whatnot.

I was wondering if the chowhounders could help me to put together my minimalist cookware list for an Aussie. I have read a lot of the previous posts regarding similar matters, however I find they aren't really compatible with me because I do not have access to a lot of the brands and if I do, they are extremely expensive over here.

I was thinking something along the lines of:

1. Demeyer Proline 11" frying pan/skillet (for searing meat, chicken, fish, cooking smaller serves of pasta sauce, stir frys, eggs, risotto? etc). $290 AUD
2. Essteele Per Sempre 1.8L saucepan with lid (for cooking rice, blanching vegetables, reheating sauces, not really sure what else to use it for?) $119
3. Then some sort of approx. 7.5L stockpot with pasta strainer for soups, stocks and cooking pasta. I also figure I could use this for bigger batches of pasta sauce or Gulyas and other stews also? Not really sure which brand or type etc for this one. I cannot seem to find anything suitable below approx $300.

Is my 3 item cookware crusade realistic? Have I missed any crucial pots or pans or am I trying to use the wrong pan for the wrong dish? Any recommendations on adding/removing/changing the above or which pots/pans/brands to buy and from where (for an Aussie) would be greatly appreciated.


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