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Cookware which You Initially Disliked and now Love, or Vice Versa.

Chemicalkinetics | May 15, 201208:32 PM

I believe there are posts along the line of “What cookware you cannot live without?” and “What gadgets do you find useless?”

Here is a more complex question: What cookware/gadgets/appliance did you initial hate and now love? You may have bought it under some presumptions, and the cookware did not deliver, but later it grew on you or that you discovered the proper usage. Conversely, do you have any cookware/gadget which you initially loved, but now dislike?

Hate --> Love:

My very first carbon steel wok is a cookware which I disliked first, and then fell in love. I disliked it because I didn’t know much about cookware seasoning. I fell in love because I figured out how to properly season it and take full advantage of it.


Love --> Hate:

In term of cookware/gadgets which I initially liked, but later do not care for:

Wilton Dessert Decorator Pro. It works, but it is difficult to setup and difficult to clean.


Lodge Color Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens. Yes, they work, but it is just so much easier (for me) to work with the bare cast iron Dutch Oven.


and Calphalone Infused One stir fry pan. It worked great the first few times, but gradually, the good old carbon steel woks just seem to work better.

How about you? Any cookware or gadget made you change your heart? Thanks for sharing.

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