New Cookware For Induction - Please Critique

JimboF | May 28, 201609:05 AM     22

Hi all,

I am going to be building a brand new retirement home and have decided to install an induction cooktop. Hence, most of my current cookware will need to be replaced. The only pieces I plan on keeping are my LC 5.5 qt dutch oven and a vintage CI skillet that was my parents. Currently, I use a set of original heavy Emerilware disk pans and a Cuisinart clad sauce pan (neither is magnetic) on a 33 year old coil top range.

While I'm not a gourmet cook, I would like to purchase solid, good performing pieces that will last the rest of my life and I won't mind spending a bit of money on higher quality cookware. I have budgeted about $1000 to start with and can add pieces at a later date if needed.

From reading this forum and Franz's excellent website I have come up with the following list that I should be able to do for well under my budget.

Skillet, SS - Demeyere Proline - 11"
Sauce Pans - Fissler 5 pc. set from Amazon.de
Stock Pot - Update International - 8 qt.
Non-stick Skillets - Anolon Nouvelle Copper twin pack - 8" & 11"

That should get me going.

The Proline skillet is a bit of splurge and even though expensive is worth it from what I have read.

For the sauce pots I would probably go with Atlantis if price were no object but I can get the Fissler 5 pc. set for about what 2 pcs. of the Atlantis would cost me if I bought open stock. And on induction the thick disk bottoms are reported to perform well. While the 5 pc. set is more than I need I'll have plenty of storage at the new house so they won't be in the way. Still, I haven't ruled out the Atlantis totally and would end up with exactly the sizes I want plus I do like the looks of them better.

The Update Int. stock pot seems like a no brainer since it will really only be used for boiling liquids.

And @ $37 the Anolon twin-pack is a bargain. I currently have an 8" Anolon Al non-stick skillet which is probably getting close to 10 years old, has seen extensive use and still works fine although it is a little stickier than it used to be. I'm careful with it, only use non metal utensils, moderate heat and hand wash.

At a later date I may add a saute pan and 8" Proline skillet but I can easily get by without them for the time being.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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