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What cookware have you fallen out of love with?


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What cookware have you fallen out of love with?

CaliforniaJoseph | Oct 25, 2017 08:48 AM

What cookware or tools did you once love, but now aren't that important to you? What were you once into?

In the 10 years I've gotten serious about being in the kitchen and supplying it with useful tools, cast iron had a good run... from initially being my only pan, to developing a collection of antiques I reconditioned, my collection outweighs me, and largely sits unused. Too many better options to choose from now. (If we're honest, the pride and "feelz" of CI hook a lot of us...)

I started out with Revereware stainless - old pieces from thrift shops. Cut my teeth on stainless cooking with them. For a newb with a coil electric burner, they weren't the worst - perfectly servicable for a lot. Now that collection lives in a box in my garage, pieces being given away to people who need them...

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