Cookware for the Extremely Broke?


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Cookware for the Extremely Broke?

KosherHound | Jan 16, 2010 08:25 PM

I'm looking to outfit my kitchen with new cookware...but I'm on a very small budget. I know everyone recommends LC, All Clad, etc but I just can't afford it at this stage in my life (single mom in a bad economy). I know you get what you pay for, but I can't afford to invest in really lovely cookware (though I can window-shop and drool!). With that in mind, here's my criteria:

- Entire outfit for $100 or under
- Prefer non-stick
- need not be a set, so long as all the pieces together are at or below $100
- Do a fair amount of cooking, experienced cook, usually cooking for 3-5 people
- It need not be pretty and need not be brand (but I need to know where to get it!)
- Stuff that can be ordered online is ideal, as I don't have a car

I had the Jamie Oliver T-Fal set when I was married, and loved the heft and the way it felt in my hands. I've had Ikea's SS set (incredibly hard to clean) and T-Fal's non-stick set (very very easy to clean, but the pans seem to warp/dent easily, and look like they've been used every day on the line at a busy restaurant after three years). I need something that will look like new after a year or two, so that I can slowly replace it with better pieces as my budget allows.

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