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Best Cookware for Camping (Car camping, not back-country)?

The Dairy Queen | Mar 10, 200808:44 AM

So much of the joy and agony of camping is about cooking, cleaning up and lugging stuff around. My camping kitchen is stocked with random odds and ends--mostly kitchen cast-offs. I'm thinking I'd like to chuck all of that and get some light, compact, new high-performing stuff. We usually cook for 2-3 people. So, I was looking at these things:

Snow Peak Titanium Multi Compact Cookset

At $75, why is it so much cheaper than REI's own version (that's $110)?

REI Ti Ware Nonstick Titanium Cookset

Do I need something as extensive as this 50-piece cookware set or is that just overkill? Am I better off just getting one of the basics ones above and supplement with the few items I need?
Open Country Deluxe 50-Piece Camp Set with Organizer Bag

I liked this MSR Alpine Kitchen Set where the handles of all the spatulas etc fold over.

And there's this one where the handles are telescoping
GSI Deluxe11- Piece Kitchen Set

Finally, DISHES:
I liked this Orikaso dinner set (lightweight, folds flat).

But, this Light My Fire set looked neat, too, and like it would be fun for hiking/picnicking:

Would love your opinions on these things and any other suggestions you have for cooking paraphenalia you love for camping...(for instance, I love my soccer ball ice cream maker and marshmallow sticks with the telescoping handles...oh, also, my half-dozen egg holder...).

I'd kind of like the stuff I buy now to last me for the rest of my camping life.

Thank you!


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