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Cooks Illustrated website - more expensive for mag subscribers?

Mellicita | May 4, 200809:21 AM

I was attempting to try a free 14 day subscription to their website.

There is a where after entering your information, you click a box to indicate if you are currently a magazine subscriber or not (mag subscribers are promised additional savings and benefits).

Well, when I failed to click the "current subscriber" box, I was asked to enter credit card info for a 24.95 membership (the price advertised in their FAQ section).

When I went back and selected the box since I am a magazine subscriber,... the new price I was asked to pay was $34.95 !!!!
HUH? What kind of a low trick is this, so that they can later pretend I am saving money on something as a magazine subscriber? I found this distasteful.

Anyone else had this issue? How much do you pay for your web subscription if you are a magazine subscriber as well?

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