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Cook's Illustrated - making lamb taste like beef - WHY?


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Cook's Illustrated - making lamb taste like beef - WHY?

Junie D | Mar 2, 2006 04:22 PM

Pardon the rant but CI just did it again. They never fail to suck the life out of food and the pleasure out of cooking for me - probably because they have tried 647 ways before finding the perfect approach.

In this case the March/April issue has an article on "Rethinking Roasted Leg of Lamb" in which one of the goals was to make lamb not taste like lamb. Huh? Excuse me but why cook lamb if you don't want it to taste like lamb?

The author says "unlike beef fat, which contributes rich, heady flavors as it renders, lamb fat is the key source of the musky flavor that even adventurous eaters can find off-putting." So why not make a roast beef? She then proceeds to butcher the leg into three parts, removing the offending fat, not to mention gristle (heaven forbid)and transforms "gamy, gristly mutton to [an] elegant, subtly flavored showpiece." Hey, CI - if you don't like lamb, try something else.

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