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cook's illustrated cheesecakes


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cook's illustrated cheesecakes

theconiglio | Aug 13, 2003 10:37 AM

maybe a month ago there was a thread here on the cheesecake recipe in the cake bible (berenbaum). well, as these threads usually do, it led into gen'l discussions about cheesecakes. a few people vouched for the cook's illustrated cheesecake recipe. i've been anxious to give it a try.

however, i would love some direction from fellow 'hounds. . . . . in sept '95, cook's illustrated ran a recipe -- "cheesecake: one recipe, three textures." then in march '02, they ran another recipe -- "perfecting new york-style cheesecake." while certainly i realize that the difference between the 2 recipes could have to do with density, texture, etc. and one's preference, is one recipe generally better than the other.

anyone want to share their experiences with either or both of these recipes?

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