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Tom Meg | Dec 22, 200409:26 AM

Wondering if anyone else out there just received the charter issue of this new magazine from the creators of Cook's Illustrated.

What do you think?

The new mag contains extensively tested homey recipes, the process explained in nerdy detail, which I like reading about, even if I don't always agree with them.

The sensibility of the magazine can be a little over-the-top goofy and folksy. Almost campy. Are they going to have a "Cute Baby of the Month" photo in every issue? A "Find the Hidden Rooster" contest? More reader photos of food sculpted to look like a pig (there are two in this issue)? I can't decide whether to laugh at it or with it.

Some minor gripes--

Suggesting the use of Crisco, and dissing lard, as a frying medium for their fried chicken recipe. Shouldn't they have tried using fresh lard (instead of "not the best" supermarket lard)?

Recycling the "Mystery Tool" feature from Cooks Illustrated. I like "Mystery Tool", but they already discussed egg toppers in an old CI issue, so it wasn't mysterious to me. Is the world running out of mystery tools?

Using--nay, STEALING-- almost verbatim, a never-published "Quick Tip" that I sent in several years ago (regarding the use of ice cubes to cool off a countertop for rolling dough in a warm kitchen). Did they think that I would forget? Hmph! Next time I have a revolutionary idea in dough-rolling, I'll keep it to myself! So there.

But overall, I'm happy to have another nerdy-obsessive food magazine out there.

Link: http://meglioranza.com

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