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Cooking with Tea

Stanley Stephan | May 21, 2003 03:36 AM

In a tea tasting today, it was mentioned that in China people toss tea in soups and use tea leaves as marinades.

Does anyone do this? How do you use tea leaves in cooking?

Searching the web, there's a book called Cooking with Tea. Does anyone have this? Is it any good?

Looking on the web I found a recipe for green beans with garlic and Keemum tea leaves, the very popular Chinese marbilized eggs, tea marinated pork chops, and a pot roast in jasmine tea (that sounds really nice and I have a major stash of cheap jasmine tea I've been wanting to get rid of).

One site says to add a heaping teaspoon of green tea to spagetti sauce, soups, stews or stir fries. Another suggests mixing into salads (dry?) or putting in meatballs. Anyone tried this?

In tonight's class it was said that Chinese people mix brewed tea with rice. Really.

I'm looking for savory ideas rather than sweet. Also, given my cooking skills, I'm never going to make tea leaf smoked chicken. The words ... make sure you have a good exhaust system ... terrified me.

I'm not into poaching stuff, but suggestions of poaching fish or chicken in tea sort of intrigues me.

The Stash tea site has some disgusting sounding recipes using their flavored tea bags ... lemon blossom tea bag chicken ... rasperry tea bag pork ... not my cup of tea.

Cooking with teajust sounds like such a good idea to me (and a potentially low calorie healty way to flavor food). Also, given my new over-enthusiasm for tea, I have more tea than I'm ever going to drink before it goes bad. Using it in cooking seems like a good and easy idea, so I'd appreciate any ideas.

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