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Better Cooking Schools?


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Better Cooking Schools?

David Simcik | Nov 11, 2002 10:48 AM

Oh, this is a snowball of a question, and perhaps a tad off-topic ta boot, but could anyone give me honest, perhaps professional opinion about the best/better cooking schools out there? I currently live in Boston if that helps any. I know, I know - Culinary Institute of America. I'm more interested in foreign schools that I've probably never heard of before.

And yes, I have another career in Information Technology currently that I'm trying to develop as well. Furthermore, I have an opportunity to get a Masters in Finance for (mostly) free. Money dictates so many things that I want to know about it. That simple. But before I commit myself to the quantitative, I want to expand my artful soul a bit and do something for me, ya know what I mean? Maybe I will love the cooking soooo much that it totally changes my plans. But I need to take that chance first.

Anyways, I'm currently looking at the Certificate program at the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. A bit expensive (all education is), but I can't beat the location (literally down the street from me until Sept 2003). That makes it a lot more accessible while working fulltime. Can anyone give me an honest opinion of it? I took one class there a year ago and it seemed decent. I know BU has a culinary program as well, but I'm not sure if it's quite as flexible with regards to my schedule (a lot further away too). I took an "Intermediate Wine" course at BU last Spring and it was solid. There were always good aromas wafting out of the kitchen areas around classtime, which made concentrating a bit tough (or was it the wine tasting?).

Anyways, I wouldn't qualify myself as a foodie. I want a rigourous, solid education when it comes right down to it. No pampering. The toughest aspect of it all for me is retaining what I have learned, since I don't have a part-time food service gig quite yet.

Thanks for any advice you might offer :-)
David Simcik

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