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Cooking in primitive outdoor kitchens

IndigoOnTheGo | Aug 6, 200905:42 AM

Lately, I've been fascinated in outdoor cooking methods in areas where modern conveniences aren't available. For instance - Anthony Bourdain's Philippines episode where the chef cooked over a wood fired stove which appeared to made out of concrete slabs with holes where the pots and pans sat. Andrew Zimmern's Puerto Rico episode, a woman cooked her meals on a concrete slab and an iron grate supported by concrete blocks. When I visited Peru, one vendor was grilling meat on what appeared to be huge iron plate pried off the street which sat on boulders and fed by a log fire underneath.

So I'm curious how one might construct something like this - can concrete really handle all that heat? What have you experienced in other countries? I think I'm just a pyromaniac at heart but at the same time it makes me grateful for my electrcity and my modern kitchen.

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