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Cooking for a picky eater...

missLissie | Apr 2, 201409:25 PM

So I am trying to assemble a list of recipes that I could make for my boyfriend and me, but he is a rather picky eater and doesn't like a lot of the things I like, so I'm having a bit of trouble...
Here are a few things he doesn't like:
1. Cheese (and I love cheese and cheesy things)
2. Italian food (I love italian food)... he says he doesn't like the flavor scheme, so things like chicken parmesan, marinara sauce, and alfredo sauce he just really doesn't like...and we've been to Italy and he still doesn't like the food there, so I couldn't even try recreating some of my favorite authentic Italian dishes...
3. ANY vegetable except broccoli. Well, he'll eat tomatoes and cucumbers (he doesn't call them vegetables though) but of course those are two veggies that I can't stand
4. Beans

I know it may not seem like a lot, but it's difficult cause I've taught myself how to make a lot of Italian-style things that he doesn't like at all, and things like chili and mac-n-cheese that are simple but he won't eat them (he might eat chili sometimes...) and his whole life he's always just made do with frozen pizzas and frozen dinners and dining hall food at school (lots of hamburgers) so... my first instinct is to make my Italian food dishes I like 3 times a week but thats 3 times that he simply won't eat more than two bites so I want to change that...

Can y'all help me out with some recipes? He likes most meats and he likes to grill/eat grilled food.

You might say just let him live off of frozen pizzas but I enjoy cooking and I don't mind cutting down my preferences when I'm dining with him, I just need more creative culinary skills are a novice level, but I'll extend myself a bit if necessary.

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