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Cooking pasta without continual boiling


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Cooking pasta without continual boiling

greygarious | Dec 30, 2008 09:40 AM

A friend who is not a good cook insists that it is unnecessary to keep the water boiling.
She brings water to a boil, adds the pasta, and once the water returns to boiling, stirs it, covers it, and turns off the burner, setting the timer for the minutes specified on the package. Skeptically, I tried this with a pound of rotini, and it worked perfectly, without any boil-over. Of course, the shape of rotini makes them unlikely to stick together - although my friend says her spaghetti doesn't clump when cooked this way, either. Not using extra electricity or gas is a plus, as is less kitchen heat in hot weather. I am also thinking that the pasta pot could "multi-task" by simultaneously making pasta and hard-boiled eggs.

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