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Cooking in a Korean Motel w/ Only Boiling H20


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Cooking in a Korean Motel w/ Only Boiling H20

vestavenus | Sep 26, 2010 11:36 PM

Just like it sounds...I'm stuck living in a motel in a very rural part of Korea. The only supplies I have are filtered hot water and a VERY mini-fridge. I plan to buy an electric tea kettle so I can heat the water to boiling, and hopefully have a few more options for cooking.

So far, I've been buying pre-cooked rice that is meant to be microwaved (Doesn't heat well under hot, un-boiled water) and I eat that with some pre-made panchan (kimchi, etc) and/or tuna mixed with mayo, salt and pepper, and roasted seaweed. I also found some lower-calorie Ramen to which I add dried seaweed and shitakes and quail egg.

I'm getting sick of Ramen and Rice/Tuna though! Any suggestions that only use boiling water would be much appreciated! Please keep in mind that I'm in rural Korea so lunch-meat (other than Spam), cheese, and bread and many other Western goods are either unavailable or over-priced...

Thanks ahead of time!

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