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does cooking kill bacteria? [moved from Home Cooking]

toodie jane | Jan 25, 200602:20 PM

I did the dumbest thing--left out a baggie of chicken thighs to defrost and forgot to put it away when I went to bed. It was out about 8 hours. Still cool, but not cold. House temp was 68 degrees.

I'm going to toss it, it's only about $1.20 worth of chicken.

But does cooking kill any baddies that might have grown in it while between 40 and 68 degrees? The science part is what I'm looking for..Have checked other posts and they range from 'go ahead and cook it' to 'no way', but no science. I checked out CDC website and they were not clear as to the science. They were discussing salonella, but mostly in uncooked eggs.

Food Scientists out there?

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