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Cooking with Goose Fat - Need some advice, please?


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Cooking with Goose Fat - Need some advice, please?

AZ | Jan 2, 2002 11:54 AM

The Christmas goose left plenty of fat to render - all white and snowy because we had boiled the goose for 2 hrs before roasting it for the last 25 mins.
Which led me to New Years day, when I tried to fry potatoes in rendered goose fat - something I have read about off and on over the years.
Took the fat up to 200 degrees, where it produced a tasty but not quite browned test batch of fries. Stayed there for a long time - then without adding higher heat the fat ran up to 375 (my normal temp for french fries), reduced in volume, gave off a wild amount of smoke and went pitch black.
This would have been a good special effect for a low budget comedy involving holiday guests, but wasn't the result I was looking for.
(My Delonghi fryer stepped in, ran up to 375 with canola oil in minutes, and helped deliver lamb (chops marinated and grilled with mesquite) / frites (large cut) which were consumed with a collective sigh of relief.
But how, my experienced and knowledgeable colleagues, do you cook your fries in rendered goose (or duck) fat?
Thank you and good wishes for 2002, AZ.

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