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meatn3 | Aug 31, 2011 08:07 AM

I suddenly find myself moving into an auction purchased townhouse. The situation leaves me with much less time to research major purchases than I like. This is the first time I've had so many "setting up housekeeping" decisions to make and it is getting a little overwhelming!

Aside from all cosmetic issues and flooring replacement, this place needs all appliances.
I have a pretty good idea of the fridge situation and will probably post re: the dishwasher later.
Now to the oven/stove:


This is a modest home and I have a modest budget. As much as a commercial baby would be enjoyed it just isn't an option (space and $). I spend a lot of time cooking and it is worth it to me to invest in an appliance that will enhance my enjoyment and allow the widest range of technique possibilities.
I am a versatile cook, and a very occasional baker. I do a bit of canning and need a stove top which can accommodate the future purchase of a large water bath canner. I'm leaning towards an electric oven with a gas stove top. There is only room for an all-in-one appliance, not separate stove and oven. It has been many years since I cooked with gas and I loved the ability to adjust the flame to exactly the level I wanted.

The space for the appliance is 30" wide and 25" deep. The "vent" is one of those microwave things that simply blow the air elsewhere in the kitchen - does not vent to the outdoors. Range is on a shared wall on the bottom floor, so uncertain if it is possible to actually vent outdoors. Will this disallow a gas stove?

The more I read the more I realize I have no idea what basic questions I need to ask about gas.
I need a good 101 intro and welcome any suggestions the ChowHive can offer. I'm not real techno minded and honestly I'm overwhelmed to the extent that I'm no longer processing the oceans of reviews as well as I need to.

Thanks for reading!

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