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Cooking with non dairy beverages?

rworange | Nov 17, 201109:59 AM

I'm an occasional vegan. I use non dairy beverages currently just to take the edge off coffee. I started a thread on the General Topics board about what is best

Best non dairy milks, how to use them and other tips?

However, I can imagine in the future using these in cooking and baking. So I'm interested in recipes where you have used non dairy beverages and what type works best. Googling around the web I've found this info:

Almond milk: With its creamy consistancy and nutty flavor it is best in creamy drinks like smoothies or coffee. Don't use in savory dishes

Coconut Milk: Can be used like cow's milk but there might be a added coconut flavor

Hemp Milk: Similar consistancy and flavor as almond milk so use accordingly

Oat Milk: Thinner consistancy with an oat aftertaste. Better in porridges and savory dishes.

Rice milk: Thin, translucent consistancy. Best in sweet recipes and not savory or salty dishes

Soy milk: Pretty much interchangable for cow's milk in sweet and savory dishes such as pasta sauces, cream sauces, mashed potatoes, salad dressings.

This site had a nice table for soy, oat and rice milk. Like many sites it warns that brands of soy milk differ condierably and there might be a soy aftertaste. Nice chart though of taste and uses.

This site is more of a general article ... who knew John Harvey Kellogg of corn flake fame was the inventor of soy milk?

However they have some really good cooking advice using non dairy beverages such as "The biggest problems in cooking occur during the heating/cooking/baking of the non-dairy beverage. Non-dairy beverages that are soy-based or that are highly fortified with Calcium Carbonate tend to curdle at high temperatures. This problem is intensified if an acidic food (tomatoes, oranges) is also used."

They talk about consistancy and the need to use thickeners in some cases for gravies and puddings.

A few recipes I found

Rice milk mayo

Soy milk buttermilk
Add a tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to one cup of soy milk

Forbidden rice pudding using coconut milk

Banana rice pudding with rice milk

Rice milk pudding using mochi sweet rice

I'm currently using a Westsoy product and there was a recipe on the side of the box. Looking at their website turned up a section on recipes. They do lean toward vegetarian rather than vegan.

Pacific Natural foods also has recipes for their non dairy beverages

What are you cooking and what differences have you noted from cow's milk

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