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Cooking and Culinary New Year's Resolutions

nofunlatte | Dec 31, 201708:38 AM     52

On this last day of 2017, it's time to start thinking about our cooking-related resolutions for 2018. Are there any dishes you'd like to make, techniques you'd like to try, cuisines you'd like to explore? I'm still working on mine, but I do have several so far:

1. Make my own mozzarella cheese--this has more to do with the thrill of accomplishment, because I can certainly buy decent mozzarella.
2. Make rye bread--I don't bake as frequently as I used to, but I still have a longing to try rye bread and see what homemade rye tastes like
3. Reduce my amounts of food waste--I'm generally a somewhat frugal cook (and person), but I'd like to use more of the "throw away parts", like cabbage cores. I do have a small garden (mostly herbs and container tomatoes), but I am not really into composting. I'm already saving many of the odd bits for stock, but I'd like to branch out from there.
4. Keep to a food budget. I tried this for about 6 weeks and it worked well until the holidays came (so I have learned that I need to have some wiggle room for things like holidays and vacations and company).
5. Eat more mindfully. As a singleton, I am usually eating by myself, so it's easy to sit in front of the computer (and Chowhound!) while paying far less attention to what I'm eating than I'd like to. I think this goal dovetails with #4, which I suppose I can reframe as Spend Food Money More Mindfully!

I'd be interested in hearing from my fellow 'hounds what your goals and objectives are in the realm of food and cooking.

And a Happy New Year to all!

ETA: I really dislike having to add a tag, especially when I can't find one appropriate to the post! Is it possible to add tags that aren't in the CH posting database?

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