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Cooking Competition Shows: Define your Terms! Or at least refine them!


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Cooking Competition Shows: Define your Terms! Or at least refine them!

mamachef | Jun 29, 2011 06:27 AM

Color me confused at this point, but am I the only one whose teeth go into "autogrind" when a new cooking show rears its' head with a name like, "Master Chef?" (Not going to argue the fine points of what constitutes 'new', either; I realize it was on last season, and this bugged me as much then, too.)
So: what exactly denotes a Master Chef, or a Top Chef for that matter? I actually have an easier time for some reason with the term "Top" then "Master", don't ask me why. I'm not talking about in the culinary field: I know every position of every possible brigade or echelon not defined in a competitive way, and in the culinary competitive world I'm pretty clear on the distinctions that are made when considering the paramaters that must be met for being granted the title, say, of Certified Master Chef. But these are two different things, oh yes indeed.
For instance: does one pass through the gilded, caphalon-lined doors from Chefdom to master Chefdom when one has supervised a brigade of 8, not 7, for exactly 927, not 926, days? Not in my (kitchen-based) world, anymore than peeling your billionth friggin' shrimp automatically qualifies you to leap like Nureyev from the ranks of cold station to sous-chef.
Is anybody with me on this? Am I even making sense? Or is this, as I'm beginning to suspect, just the hungover, pissed-off rant of a burnt out insomniac with too much On Demand?

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