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Cooking Channel's new show Big Cheese is kinda cheesey. No?

Midlife | Nov 6, 201106:54 PM

Caught what may have been the premiere episode of this the other day and was immediately reminded a lot of some of Alton Brown's schtick. With Alton now moved to Food Channel are we teetering at the top of a slippery slope here?

I guess I just have a problem with over-the-top, sortof slapstick comedy in cooking shows. I still can't take watching Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen for the same reason. Now, maybe it was Nadia G's Bitchen Kitchen.................... but I've been down that road before on this board. Anyway, ot started out with an Alton-like bit that made me switch the channel immediately. I came back to it a while later and things seemed to have calmed down quite a bit. Has anyone seen this show yet?


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