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Cooking for my brother

northside food | Jul 27, 2008 02:55 PM

So in two weeks, I'm going to be dropping by my brother's. He doesn't live too far away, but we're both so busy we hardly see each other. My brother, due to his circumstances, eats tons and tons of convenience food, microwave burritos, pizza rolls, etc. He is a full time grad student at Emory University, he has an internship, and he has severe cerebral palsy, to the point where he is almost, but not quite a quadriplegic (he has limited upper body mobility, and pretty much no lower body) So while he has an aide to help him with cleaning up and hygiene every morning, he's on his own for food. He loves living by himself though, and it took quite a bit of arguing with my mother to get her to let him move out. But my family is not the subject of this post.

I'd like to do him a favor and provide him some fresh, homecooked foods that he can handle heating up on his own. Anything that is microwavable or can go in a toaster works really well for him. He's fine with gladware containers and ziploc bags, so that's not a problem. He doesn't like soup, unless he can drink it out of a mug, and he's not into salads. He's not terribly enamored of veggies in general.

This is what I'm thinking of right now:

Home made blueberry waffles, wrapped individually and frozen in a zip top bag. Those can go right in the toaster for him.

Banana chocolate chip bread, pre-sliced to fit in the toaster

Roasted tomato soup, frozen into ice cube trays, then transfered to a zip bag so he can just pull out what he wants and heat it up in a coffee mug

Peach cobbler (He mentioned today that he hasn't had any fresh peaches yet this summer because he needs them cut into slices before he can eat them)

Fresh salsa to go on those damn microwave burritos.

Any other thoughts on what he might like? He's looking forward to this "care package". When we both lived at home, I did all the cooking and he's missed it.

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