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cooking with beer

Allie D'Augustine | Feb 25, 2003 11:26 AM

Reading the thread about leftover beer, I was wondering what kinds of cooking you like to do with beer.

I had like a whole case of basically skunked beer... sigh. It sat all fall in my alternately hot and cold apartment. (I know, I know; beer crime.) So finally what I did was boiled some shrimp in it.

Of course that didn't use up the whole case. Another thing I thought of was "beer can chicken," in which you take a partially emptied can of beer and sit a chicken up on it and roast it. Of course, I had bottled beer, so that wouldn't work.

What else do you like to cook with beer?


PS I know it's not ideal to use skunked beer in cooking, but theoretically it doesn't HURT... and I didn't want to throw it out. It's like, I hate drinking leftover wine but it seems fine to me to throw in a sauce or something. It seems that if you start out with good quality alcohol, it stays fine for cooking longer than drinking. Please tell me if you have experimented and agree or disagree with that theory!

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