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Cooking advice for make ahead meals

chobette | Apr 28, 2014 07:05 PM

Once or twice a month I batch cook meals for my father. He lives 90 miles one way, so I batch cook for this reason. He's disabled, but knows how to cook basic things and obviously reheat. He lives by himself and often makes crap like hotdogs, mac and cheese, or ground beef with rice and tomato sauce.

I like to make him food he wouldn't normally make for himself because it requires more than one person to eat it.

That being said, I could use some food ideas that I personally can cook myself and freeze at my house that will reheat perfectly fine in a microwave or in the oven. I'd like something I can divide and portion out into individual portions easily for him to pop in and reheat.

Things I have done in the past and some of his favorites:
Stuffed peppers
Chicken noodle soup
Stuffed Cabbage

I'd love to incorporate other meats into his diet, like chicken and even pork, but I have no clue how to prepare them so they freeze and reheat well. Also what about noodles like spaghetti noodles, do they freeze and reheat well at all?

I'd like to add that he has trouble chewing, so whatever I make him has to be relatively easy on the jaw, so steak and what not is probably out of the question.

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