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Cooking with absinthe?

rworange | Jul 6, 201010:03 AM     5

Sure, it might be a bit cloying, but there is something fascinating about flirting with this liquor that has a bad boy reputation.

In the current SF Chow Tour, there is a mention of absinthe biscotti

In the comments eatzalot wrote "Absinthe in a cookie might sound “weird for the sake of being weird” if absinthe is relatively novel to you. But remember it’s basically a concentrated extract of mixed spices (anise predominates; the other flavorings, and resulting flavor nuances, vary). When absinthe was originally popular, it was found uniquely useful in certain recipes (especially with shellfish), and cookbooks have featured those recipes ever since, suggesting Pernod or other close relatives if absinthe itself was unavailable"

Does absinthe offer any particular pizzaz or are close flavor relatives such as Pernod just as good? Is any particular brand of absinthe better than another?

A recipe on the web is David Lebovitz's absinthe cake with pistachios

Lebovitz writes of absinthe in that link "But it's also lovely with a compote made of fresh or dried apricots, or a Nectarine and Cherry Compote. During the winter, I plan to make a colorful fruit salad of navel and blood oranges with a few rounds of tangy kumquats to serve alongside"

A Chowhound posts mentions Oysters "A la Fille de Coeur" (Oysters well seasoned, and spiced with a touch of Absinthe)

This site offers up a number of recipes such as: Oysters Rockefeller, Garlic and Absinthe butter, Sorbet à l'absinthe, Soufflé glacé à l'absinthe.

A bonus is the fabulous photos of an Absinthe Dinner at La Licorne, in Fontevraud-l'Abbaye, France. Dishes included:
- foie gras with a blanket of Combier Blanchette absinthe-infused velouté
- escargots cooked in a crust (cromesqui), with Jade Absinthe Nouvelle-Orléans-infused saucroasted monkfish with wild mushrooms and a Nouvelle-Orléans sauce, confit of fennel infused with Blanchette and Blanchette beure blanc
- Blanchette soufflé (which exhaled vapors of fresh wormwood when pierced) with a side cup of strawberries and spices poached in Nouvelle-Orléans...

Absinthe in the Kitchen

It takes some searching but the Wormwood Society website forum has some recipes such as roast chicken with absinthe and absinthe cookies. My favorite though is Absinthe/Dill fish marinade which has to be the trailer trash use of abinthe (and I say that with awe and affection). It is a marinate of pickle juice and absinthe. It gets my vote for thinking outside the bottle.

Other absinthe recipes on the web

Absinthe and Fennel Soup

Orange Absinthe Petits Fours

Oyster and Absinthe Dome

Absinthe Ice Cream

Absinthe Macarons

Huckleberry Absinthe Granita

Absinthe Bay Scallop Gratin

Manhattan Bay Scallop Chowder with absinthe

Absinthe Lolly Pops

Dark Chocolate Absinthe Frosting

Here's a recipe for absinthe gelatin ... though starting with making your own gelatine with lime juice and Knox would be superior to lime jello

Anyone have any other ideas or recipes?

Has anyone made their own absinthe? Here's a site with a few recipes

You can even order a kit on line from Green Devil with packets of ... um ...absinthe helper

Of course there are a ton of absinthe cocktail recipes on the web. Chow has a few
[BROKEN LINK REMOVED] &type=Recipe&tag=search_results;search_nav

This site, with a few cockail recipes has the best name for one ... absinthe minded

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