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Need help cooking 2 1/4 inch NY Strip

VJA | Dec 31, 200708:30 AM

I am just learning how to cook steaks and have gotten one-inch T-bone down to a science, but my husband brought home a gorgeous NY Strip last night that is over 2 inches thick (about a pound and a half total) and I want to make it for our NYE dinner tonight, but am really afraid of overcooking. We like our steaks medium RARE. I can't tell you how many recipes end with "cook to desired doneness." That does me no good - I need time and temp, please.

We don't have a grill, but I have an iron skillet with grating (for "authentic" grill marks), several non-stick pans and a griddle, and a crappy "cheap-landlord" oven that won't go above 450. Also, I generally season beef lightly with a rub I got in Texas recently, but if anyone has a to-die-for seasoning, I'd be open to making that, too. Thanks, chowhounds!

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