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Best Cookbooks--cooking with fresh vegetables, for omnivores?


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Best Cookbooks--cooking with fresh vegetables, for omnivores?

The Dairy Queen | May 29, 2007 11:17 AM

I'm thrilled! I've joined a CSA and, finally, we're about to get our first delivery of produce for the season. (We only get about 90 frost free days a year, so the local produce "season" starts late and ends early...usually, mid to late September.) I expect to have LOTS of vegetables to use up every week over the next several months.

Do you have any favorite cookbooks you recommend for using up lots of fresh produce, particularly summer produce? I see lots of posts out there about "vegetarian" cookbooks, and I'll investigate some of those, but we aren't vegetarians, so I thought I'd throw a slightly more general question out there. We're looking for ways to use up lots of vegetables, but don't need (or necessarily want) the recipes to be vegetarian.

It can get unsufferably hot here June-August and we hate to heat up the kitchen, so if you know of cookbooks with recipes that are particularly grill friendly (we own every gas grill accessory known to humankind) or don't require long heating times in the oven or on the stovetop, I would especially grateful.

EDIT--one more thought--if we have too many vegetables, we'll probably start freezing them as we have a deep-freeze, so if there are any recipes particularly well-suited to freezing, I guess those would be good to know about, too, assuming there is such a thing.

Thank you!


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