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A Cookbook Author's Posts Deleted

Gio | Dec 12, 200905:04 PM

I've thought about this all day since this morning when I saw that several posts by Virginia Willis, the AUTHOR of the cookbook we're discussing here on the Home Cooking board were deleted. I have to say that was the most discourteous and rude conduct I've ever experienced in any forum I've been involved in. You DO know that Bon Appetit Y'All was a co- Cookbook of the Month here on Chowhound in September of this year 2009. Don't you. And, you do know that there are TWO threads with, give or take, 500 posts pertaining to Ms Willis' cookbook. And yet, someone among the Moderators saw fit to delete her posts to this thread and to also delete all those who replied to her. I find that incredible and outrageous. That an author whose book we are discussing and cooking from cannot comment about what we are doing. Shame on anyone who took it upon him or her self to play the dictator and remove the comments of such a distinguished author. I don't recall that has ever happened here until today.
I wonder if other cookbook authors... Such as Mark Bittman or David Leite ever received such treatment. I think not.

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