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Best Cookbook(s)?


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Best Cookbook(s)?

Kevin | Mar 3, 2003 05:19 PM

I'm guilty, I admit it. Guilty of making recipes off the box, guilty of copying out of cookbooks/magazines from Borders, guilty of internet searches for 'mahi mahi AND artichoke' (123254543 sites found), and guilty of sometimes-good, often-not homemade recipes.

So what's a guy to do??? Ask y'all for the bestest ever cookbook!

My tastes vary. This week is an Irish dinner, last it was I'm sick of grilled chicken, week before I think I was on finger foods kick.

My skill level is super- college dorm heating element/sub- actual chef. But I follow directions really well. And I'm eager to learn.

My budget? What's a budget? I haven't quite mastered that level of adulthood just yet... which probably tells you all you need to know about my budget.

I have a full spice rack and I'm not afraid to buy more.

I suppose I could go for at most 3 solid books with a range of ethnicity, style, foods, and complexity. Oh- and I really lean toward pictures. Whaddya got?

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