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New cook in the House-- need tips/books


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New cook in the House-- need tips/books

achilles007 | Sep 18, 2009 02:25 PM

Hi all-- as a new cook in the house who doesnt just want to follow recipes but make his own creations. I just dont know where to start!

I mean, all the different types of vinegars, wines, oils, spices, herbs, different condiments one can make, how to cook different meats a certain way, slice them, flavor them, then how to use the left-over bones, the skin, and render the fat, and how to use the fat for future dishes, etc. *sigh*-- lol. All of this is just SO overwhelming to someone new to the cook-world.

Are there any books one can recommend for getting one started in getting acquainted and having a basic knowledge for certain ingredients, what their uses are for and how exactly to use them in the right way to elevate the flavor of a dish? Because I am thoroughly confounded with all of this stuff?

Thanks alot guys!

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