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How to cook a whole foie gras?


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How to cook a whole foie gras?

Pia | Apr 2, 2004 06:50 PM

Last Saturday, I invested in a whole Hudson Valley duck foie gras, grade B. I feel a bit like the potential victim of my own "irrational exhuberance" as I have tried cooking foie gras thrice before, and not with great success.

The fist time, I thought I was searing slices of foie gras on a very hot, dry pan, only to have the slices magically shrivel into little brown morsels floating in yellow fat. The second time, I tried a terrine, and ended up with about 3/4 gras and 1/4 foie. The third time, I dusted the foie gras slices with flour before putting them in a heated pan over medium heat. The foie gras shrank, but not as much as before.

Hope springing eternal, and my husband's birthday coming up, I'd like to try a whole roast foie gras, which we've tasted a few times at restaurants, once with a fresh mango sauce, the other times with a port-wine caper sauce. Frankly, I'm not terribly worried about the sauce, as I think a drizzle of vincotto and sliced grilled apples will do nicely, but I'd appreciate any suggestions on how long to roast the foie gras, and at what temperature. (Or should I forget roasting and just pan-fry?)

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