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How come I cook too much?


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How come I cook too much?

The Rogue | Apr 6, 2002 06:03 PM

My question is: How come every time I go to cook a small meal for myself I end up with enough for an army?

I'm single so usually I'm just cooking for myself or maybe one other person on those rare days when I fit a social life in. I start out with enough ingredients for 1-2 people then something happens. By the time I finish creating dinner it's multiplied geometrically.

Today I wanted to make one small lasagna for myself. I bought a 3 pack of those cheap aluminum 8inch pans and figured I could use the others some other time. I started prepping everything and built the lasagna. I looked around and saw I had extra stuff so I said what the heck. I'll make another and give it to my sister. So I got back to my construction. As soon as I was done with the second one I saw I still had too much stuff left so I engineered a final one. I could always drop it off up the road at my folks house. There was still enough stuff to go for a 4th but I was beat by then and said the hell with it all. Later I went back and finished off the last one which I put into a small loaf pan. This final one was just the perfect size for just me. What I was originally aiming at.

Well, now my folks, my sister and her family of five, and I all have lasagna for tomorrow, plus I have another to freeze. Sure they all lucked out, but this happens all too often. Especially with things made with tomatoes like spaghetti sauce, chili, etc. and also with soups. I'm going broke feeding my family, neighbors, friends, heck even the guy at the local stationary store got a quart of lobster chowder last summer when I got back from vacation in Maine. At least he now gives me a free newspaper on sundays.

So is it just me?

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