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Convoluted Starbuck's

amandaqtpie | May 1, 200812:30 AM

I know this is old-hat, been done, over-done, but it does merit repeating because it's ME :) And this is my first and only experience with it.

I stopped into Starbuck's recently because it was convenient.
Dunkin' Donuts and Tim Horton's and the other shops were either not open or not convenient.
I asked for "a medium iced decaf with cream." Because that is how I am able to order anywhere else, and know that I'm safe with $2.
I was told "we don't serve that, but I can give you a 'grande iced half decaf-Americano'." "With room," the cashier shouted down to the person making the drink. "With room, right?" she double-checked with me.
I said sure. Why is this a 5 minute orchestration? Why the dramatics?
I had a shit cup of "iced half decaf-Americano."
My husband had the last sip, and we dumped it in the trash at our Ford dealer as we picked up our car.
Ah, America.

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