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Re: New Conveyor Belt Sushi Place in Gallery Place - Review


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Re: New Conveyor Belt Sushi Place in Gallery Place - Review

mary | Aug 23, 2005 09:56 AM

Ok, as usual, I am not very good at reviews, but here goes:

My husband and I (& 2 friends) went to a new Conveyor Belt sushi place: "Sushi Go Round & Tapas" in the new Regal Cinema building at 7th & H St, NW in Chinatown, for lunch.

It's literally 4-5 stores from the Gallery Place Metro, but hidden by where the Haggen-Daz ice cream shop is, in this "alcove" by the front entrace to Regal Cinema 12.

The front door leads to a sit-down place, and the illusion it gives feels like that's all there is to the restaurant. But if you ask for the conveyor belt part, it's actually in the back of the restaurant, or the entrance from the theatre-side.

There are only about maybe 30-40 seats for the conveyor belt - oval shaped, where plates with domes circle around you. The plates are charges like this:

Blue = $2; Green = $3; Yellow = $3.50; Orange = $4

FYI, you are charged by the plate, if you've never done this before. There was good selection of sushi and maki rolls. No sashimi, except seared tuna slices with a tempura dipping-sauce.

The sushi was pretty fresh with a basic variety of: salmon, tuna, yellowtail, taco (octopus), hamachi, cooked shrimp, unagi (eel), clam/squid (I always forget which looks like which), crab stick and tamago (egg).

I would stay away from the egg. I didn't try shrimp or clam, but the unagi was good, and the salmon & tuna were pretty fresh.

They also had edamame & seaweed salad for variety.

As for the rolls, they had California, Futomaki, and a few distinct ones like tempura shrimp roll, and this really yummy crab meat with panko flakes and old bay seasoning.

They also give you a menu to order from that they can put on the conveyor belt for you, if you don't see something, but you want to have.

Service was nice, and the owner or manager supervises the process quite well. The only other uncomfortable thing is the seats are sort of together, and it's hard to know where to put the lids.

One other thing is the dipping dish is this nouveau-style of dish. I found that it didn't hold much wasabi/soy sauce, and it was harder to dip my sushi into, but it is only my opinion.

Also, you have to ask for the wasabi - it wasn't found on the conveyor belt, but the soy sauce is right by your seat. Our server was very nice. Overall, the tab for 4 us came to $67 w/o tip and no extra drinks. I didn't think it was that bad for ordering by the plate & eating in DC.

I would go back - it was great sushi for downtown/Chinatown DC. I don't have contact information, since they are relatively new, and I forgot to take a card. Sorry! to those who would like to call them, but if you are nearby or work nearby, I would stop in during lunch to check it out.

Thanks for reading!

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