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converting my dairy recipes to parve....

Leah | Nov 26, 2004 11:24 AM

A little background - skip to the end if you just want the question - My family is a mishmosh of kosher people, non kosher people, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. So things get complicated at holiday meals. (The koshers arent too strict - they wont eat meat out of the house, and they wont mix meat and dairy - but theyll eat in a non kosher home as long as they dont eat meat, or the meat is kosher). The vegetarians are happy with dairy dishes.

So, I (a vegetarian) made the mashed potatoes last night for tgiving. They we dairy (and really good!). I set aside and made a couple of baked potatoes for the kosher ones.

Now the question - I know that it's possible to make good parve mashed potatoes - I've had them at kosher delis. But how? What can I use that's not dairy, and not meat to make really good mashed potatoes and keep everyone happy??

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