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Phogi | Feb 29, 201207:04 PM

Hello internet people!

I am a recent convert to home cooking. Been at it about half a year.

I'm eating better than I ever have in my entire life. Don't get me wrong, my wife made some good meals, but I've really been getting after it as a hobby, cooking at least two, and often three meals a day. By the time I'm done cooking one meal, I'm already thinking about the next, excited about what amazing new flavors await.

It's been a great and rewarding journey.

Some highlights: Home cured bacon, home cured hams, home cured lox. Smoked chicken, Grilled veggies, home made no knead bread. Home made cheese and BBQ sauce. Chicken and dumplings. Beef Ribs. Low and Slow pork shoulder.

I've been watching the old Julia Child shows and learning how to make amazing Omlettes.

Still so much to learn.

I used to work as a line cook, but I wasn't really into food then, it was more of a job, putting together salads, making nachos and prepping plates for presentation, etc...nothing big, just a cook in a bar.

I don't have much in the way of cookbooks, but I do have Ruhlman's "Charcuterie" which is AMAZING. I've also been hanging out at some BBQ forums, etc...

I got into it because my wife was unhappy with the balance of the chore load. So I offered to take over all the cooking, to which she cheerfully agreed. Now it's become a hobby for me, I love it, I dream about it at night! We both have gained five pounds because the food is so good! I used to hate going food shopping, now I can't stay out, everytime I go to town I hit the grocery store to see what new tasty things are available.

My food is REALLY tasty, though most my dinners are improvised. I look at cookbooks, but I mostly use them for inspiration rather than recipies. I also really like "No Reservations," I'm hooked!

How did your interest start? What cookbooks do you love? What do you recommend to a fledgling foodie cook?

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