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Should I convert from Crockpot to Le Creuset?

Thanks4Food | Jan 28, 201207:24 AM

I suppose I'm asking the wrong people: most of you guys like the high end stuff and are real chefs. I'm just a lowly housewife and have done most of my cooking in a Crockpot. Never even heard of Le Creuset till I joined Chowhound. A Le Creuset outlet opened up nearby and on a complete impulse, my husband bought me 2 pots for my birthday next month. (Although he claims he was considering buying me one anyway--I guess he reads Chowhound now I'm a member. :-)

What bothers me are that I hate impulse buys and--worse--I can only return the pots "in unused condition," as it says on the receipt.

The two pots are the oval 6.75 dutch oven and the other is a 3.5 oval. One was a second and the other was clearance, so I'm sure they were a steal--BUT I've lived all my life without these and wonder if I should stick with my Crockpots which have been adequate until now. Oh, and we've got a complete set of Anolon pots and pans which are very nice--but the non-stick surface doesn't give me any sticky bits when I try to make gravy (but I only make gravy once a year at the most).

P.S. My husband thinks I should keep them.

P.P.S. I still hate that I can't try one out to see what I think.

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