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Can one convert a non chowhound mate?


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Can one convert a non chowhound mate?

tanyal | Oct 5, 2001 06:40 PM

How to convert a non chowhound mate?

Is it possible???
He is a sweetguy with many qualities, and he does enjoy eating, just not a food adventurer.
Its not his fault...he's just deprived. He grew up in NJ surburbia with a sweet but non culinary mom who decimated the same food items most of us remember fondly.
Since we've been together I have cooked and prodded him to expand his horizons, with some progress to be sure. Some times tho I feel like a food dominatrix.
Traveling is when I consider the opportunity to try a LITTLE bit of everything, ie, it doesnt matter if we just ate, if you see something you want to sample, especiallyif you know you will never pass that way again !!, you have to stop!
He enjoys foods once they are in front of him, often finishing them off, even though he had protested lack of hunger.
I have got him on the bandwagon for some catagories, ie best gelato, and he will even scout out new places for me.
Its the obscure and impromtu that trips him up.

So any helpful hints?

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